Falcon & Wagen is a Durham, North Carolina based studio that belongs to designers Falza Khanani and Malik Wagenseil. The aspiration of the studio is to design and manufacture products that have meaningful value, and an ability to transfer peoples’ stories over time. Additionally, all designs are made locally with manufacturing partners or artisans based in NC.

            “We wanted to design a product that had both emotional value of a crafted object and served a purpose in highlighting North Carolina Textile Manufacturing. We feel it’s important to share both the story of the design and to experience the steps in making.”

Falcon & Wagen’s first product is a blanket called Heirloom. The blanket is 100% made in North Carolina, USA. The concept and inspiration behind Heirloom began with the idea that blankets have always had a place in all cultures as objects of value and comfort. They were given at weddings, collected over time, and traded. They carry with them the stories and memories of the people who used them. Made from 70% wool and 30% cotton, and manufactured at Artisan Weavers in Colfax, NC the blanket is a modern take on a classic herringbone weave. It combines a varied stripe with unexpected color combinations. It makes use of the functional edge, the selvedge, that is typically trimmed off but here it has been retained to create a multi-colored fringe. A textile was a natural first product for Falcon & Wagen. Both graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design, Falza is a color material designer and Malik a textile designer and painter.